CHUFFIN' ELL Cropped Yorkshire Sweatshirt

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This Cropped Sweatshirt has been hand embroidered on a standard sewing machine, all sewn, finished and packed by Ami O'Hara.

Made from 50% cotton, 50% polyester, this Cropped Sweatshirt has had low impact on the environment which means less water waste, less product waste and less emissions impacting the climate change.

Please note this product has a raw cut edge so the edge may fray over time

Model wears - S

There are 7 colours to choose from:

- Black

- White

- Navy Blue

- Grey

- Light Pink

- Light Grey

- Dark Green


S- 34”-36”

M- 38”-40”

L- 42”-44”

XL- 46”-48”

2XL- 50”-52”