About us


MOHK was created by me, Ami O’Hara a former fashion student.

All Products you receive from MOHK have been hand embroidered on a standard sewing machine, all sewn, finished and packed by me.
MOHK is family run, I run the business and do the sewing, my Mum and Dad helped get a lot of my equipment (my mum even sacrificed her Dining Room for my Studio) My nan helps come up with the sayings and my Grandad writes the thank you notes. For the photography my Sister and Uncle do that, and my Friend Jessie Pinder, my brother Ross Campbell and his girlfriend Jalila do the Modelling.
If you ever fancy giving modelling a go or want advice to start your own business feel free to message me, i will be more than happy to help.

Order Processing Time

Please note orders take up to 8 days before they are shipped out as each item is handmade.

Environmental Impact

All my products have had a low impact on the environment, which means less water waste, less product waste and less emissions impacting the climate change.

All my packaging is 100% recyclable, you should receive your order wrapped in tissue paper, inside a 100% recyclable mailing bag. Should you have any concerns please feel free to contact me at mohkbyami@outlook.com.

MOHK is a born and bred Yorkshire business, so grab thi’ sen a cuppa and have a browse!

My logo was created by graphic designer Megan Allcock! Go check her out meganallcock.uk or follow her insta graphic.megan

My Videos are all taken by Canning Captures, and Music by Clear Vinyl!